GIORIK was founded in 1963 by Giorgio Candiago as a natural evolution of the family business that had been producing wood-burning cookers since just after the Second World War.

The original set-up included a partner specialising in the technical side of the business, something that gave rise to the brand name in the fusion of the partners’ names Giorgio and Riccardo. The company was set up to produce professional fryers, a real novelty in that era in which restaurant kitchens were traditionally equipped with only wood or oil-burning cookers.

In the 60s and 70s GIORIK grew exponentially, consolidating its position as Europe’s first and leading manufacturer of professional fryers. In the early 80s, GIORIK developed new product lines: salamander ovens for grilling snacks, convection and combination ovens, all highly innovative products that were totally new to the market in those days.

In 1986 the founder Giorgio Candiago left the company, setting up on his own and achieving great success still in the professional catering sector. The subsequent twenty years’ growth was achieved mainly by the company selling its products, in both the domestic and international markets, to other companies that affixed their own brand to them. 2008 marked a further milestone for the company when the then owners decided to float the company on the market.

Between 2008 and 2010 Paolo Candiago and Alessandro Tonelli, today respectively Chairman and Managing Director acquired the entire share package. With this new set-up, the company embarked on a new voyage, embracing new technology, carrying forward the tradition of innovation that has always been part of the company’s history. From 2008 to 2010 GIORIK developed new lines of cookers, the Unika 700 and the Unika 900 as well as a range of hobs designed for the utmost hygiene and able to be personalised and made to measure.

The range of ovens was further enhanced with the introduction of two new product lines designed for small to medium-scale catering establishments, the Eco' range for gastronomy in general and the Honoré range for patisserie. For large-scale catering outlets, the Fantasteam and Fantastic ovens were replaced by the Steambox line, a truly innovative range bringing the very best state-of-the-art technology to the professional catering sector. The salamander ovens have also moved with the times and are now fully electronically controlled and capacity-based.

Early 2011 saw the relocation of the production facility to a new 12,000m2 site in Sedico, 600m2 of which are dedicated exclusively to the R&D laboratories and to the demonstration kitchen where GIORIK’s own chefs hold regular training seminars on new cooking techniques. A fifty-year success story, a history full of the dedication and passion of all those people whose hard work has created that history, making GIORIK a company with its skills and craftsmanship rooted firmly in the past but whose ambitions are decidedly aimed at the future.