Berto's have been present on the international market for 45 years, which has allowed them to build a solid know-how for facing new and exciting challenges with determination and to become an important reference point in the industry.

STRONG - Cookers built and tested to last, their products are not afraid of the passing years, only the best steel and expertise of their technicians are the ingredients that enable them to consider time as an ally.

CERTIFICATIONS - Guarantee full compliance with regulations, and satisfy the strictest requirements of quality, environmental and safety certifications.
INNOVATIVE - The best can always be improved on. Innovation is the soul of Berto's, and they are constantly working with passion to create the best solutions of the future.

PERFORMING AND ECOFRIENDLY - Perfect insulation and precise energy supply mean energy saving and reduced environmental impact.

TECHNOLOGICAL - The Berto's Lab is the beating heart of company. A research laboratory with the sole mission being to develop modern technology to guarantee reliability, safety, hygiene and reduced consumption.