We are a team of seasoned professionals with nearly 20 years' experience delivering unique customized wine storage solutions that are both functional and stylish.

We leverage our masterful craftmanship and in-depth technical knowledge to build high-quality, reliable and elegant wine displays, cabinets and cellars that exceed the most demanding requirements among wine lovers, collectors and professionals.

Quality, Durability and Reliability
A key part of a reliable wine cellar is a stable cooling system, that's why we use high-quality components from around the blobe to enhance dependability and durability. We hold strict quality standards when we source products and parts to ensure all components fully conform to the safety and electrical standards.

Manufacturing Precision and Quality Assurance
We have advanced in-house facilities for sheet metal production and refrigeration quality assurance. Equipped with high-precision machinery from Europe, we fabricate sheet metal parts and components with excellent fit and finish.

One-stop Shop from Concept to Completion
We actively learn about the needs of our Customers and we also attentively listen. Our Customers confidently trust us as the all-in-one partner with full solutions that start from consultancy, site check, cellar design, manufacturing & fabrication, installation, cellar completion through to after-sales service.

Direct After-sales Service and Maintenance
Our team of professionals strives for the best after-sales service and we fully stand behind our products with an excellent maintenance & repair program. Our products are only the beginning of the journey; ourcellars are built to last and we support our Customers for the long run!