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Steps of kitchen projects

Kitchen Design and Consultancy

Most of time, caterers know how to cook but not experience on how to set up a smooth kitchen. Our design team will communicate with operators, owners, project manager during the consultancy stage, under conceptual design work. Preferences are various from chefs to chefs. We must seek operator’s advice in early stage because they are the daily users of the kitchen themselves. Owners are usually concerned on budget of whole project only. Therefore, our professional advice is important to owners and operators to balance between costing and efficiency and capacity of the kitchen.

After a compromised kitchen layout, a kitchen equipment list will be developed upon the preferences from operator on selection of equipment. Top budget is usually specified at early stage and value engineering will be taken place throughout the whole consultancy process. Whenever the whole set up is finalized, our detail E&M specification will be ready for obtaining a precise Fit Out quotation accordingly.


Project Co-ordination

Our project team are well equipped with experience on how to follow up a kitchen project after a contract is confirmed. Full equipment submissions, shop drawing presentations, long-lead orders, are handled by our project team. Constant site meeting is usually the key to avoid conflicts from sub-contractors to sub-contractors. We are there to minimize any variation order unless it is necessary and expected for. Control on schedule and hand over date is also important. We understand our customers very much on the daily operating expense and business opportunity in the market. Sometimes one-day operating expenses and rent plus business opportunity loss could be enough to buy a combi steamer or a walk-in chiller. Therefore, we ensure the project should be run without delay unless it is caused by other parties and issues.



Our professional and skillful workers can almost install any imported and local equipment. Efficient and Effective way to install the equipment with deeply consideration of customer concern is our key and success to our business. For example, sometimes customer may only have a few-hour allowance of idle in business. We must well prepare to exchange equipment within the limited time and resources.


After sales service

Our experience technicians are well trained individuals and categorized into different type of area such as heating equipment, refrigeration, gas equipment, and electronic devices. We believe on finding the correct technician to do the right job which will save time and money. Of course all equipment purchased from us will be fully covered by our new equipment warranty. Customer will be hustle free and just simply call our service team to inspect the equipment whenever problem comes. We strive ourselves to make sure the minimum affection to their operation.