Oct, 2022

Michelin-Starred chef good partner in the kitchen -- Rational All-round Oven

Michelin-Starred chef Paulo Airaudo opens his Italian restaurant NOI at the Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong in September 2022. Kitchen is the most important part of a brilliant chef. We are very grateful for Paulo's trust in Pacific and for choosing the professional kitchen appliances presented by our company.

This time Paulo's kitchen has chosen the Rational oven. Rational commercial all-round oven from Germany provides the best efficiency and cooking quality. Including steaming, boiling, baking, frying, stewing, etc. make you handier in cooking, which is an indispensable good partner of the chef. Rational steam ovens ensure that food is evenly heated during bulk cooking. Rational iCombi Pro also has four major features:

1. iCookingSuite can recognise the size, quantity, browning and condition of the foods and automatically adjust the cooking parameters such as the temperature, cooking cabinet climate, airspeed and time. 

2. iProductionManager knows which products can be cooked together, and what the optimal order is and will make sure that the standard defined once is always maintained. All are under control without checking and without supervision. In unprecedented quality. With an unprecedented variety.

3. iDensityControl can organize the interaction between sensors, the heating system and the fresh steam generator, as well as active dehumidification. To maintain the right cooking cabinet climate at all times. Increase productivity by 50% and reduce cooking time by 10%. Also, make sure that the food is heated evenly in every corner.

4. iCareSystem detects the degree of dirt and suggests the cleaning stage and quantity of chemicals. And can even do an ultra-fast interim clean in approx. 12 minutes. Each cleaning stage with phosphate-free chemicals and low energy consumption. 

Sep, 2022

Josper charcoal stove -- for chefs who are looking to achieve the highest quality of charcoal grilling

The food cooked with charcoal has a distinct smoky flavour. Many high-end restaurants have introduced Josper charcoal stove to serve their guests with the highest standards of quality. Nowadays, there are very few restaurants that actually use charcoal for cooking. Among them, some high-end western restaurants such as THE HUNTER uses Josper charcoal stove. 

Josper charcoal stove raises raw ingredients to the next level by using the charcoal grilling method. Josper's uniqueness is dual-functionality as an oven & grill, which can work at high temperatures (300ºC - 350ºC), sealing the product, smoking and grilling at the same time.

Aug, 2022

The Bayside | Superior Harbour View Restaurant

The Bayside, a new Mediterranean style restaurant which perches along the Hung Hum Harbourfront Promenade. The restaurant has both indoor and outdoor dining area with a chic bar. Dining here will bring you a journey of Mediterranean cuisine with the fresh meats and sparkling drinks. Perfectly for gathering with friends and colleague.

PFEC have participated in designing the chic bar, installed several kinds of bartending equipment for The Bayside. Guests can order glasses of wines, cocktails, beers, and house-infused gins at the bar, which is a relaxing and enjoyable place for a drink. Besides, PFEC had worked for the open kitchen of the restaurant. We had provided various kitchen equipment such as ITALFORNI Pizza oven (Italy), Precision commercial refrigeration (UK), RATIONAL combi oven (Germany), GIORIK oven (Italy), INTECH Electric oven (Hong Kong) and DRY AGER Dry Aging Fridge (Germany). These professional kitchen equipment can provide high quality of food creations and offer ultimate dining experience to the guests.

Jul, 2022

HKJC.Lady M Cake Boutique.Tic Tac Room

The betting branch of HKJC at Stanley Street has been reopened after renovation. The branch was newly renovated, combines with the elements of relaxation, betting and catering. The first floor is Lady M Cake Boutique. The second floor is Tic Tac Room, which is a Japanese-style western restaurant.

Living in such a fast-paced place like Central, customers can pay a visit to these relaxing restaurants for a quick escape. You can enjoy different kinds of board games, house racing TV shows and football TV shows while dining at the restaurant. Apart from the HKJC betting branch at Stanley Street, PFEC had participated for another HKJC betting branch projects. We are looking forward to working with HKJC for the betting branch restaurant projects in the future.

Apr, 2022

The First Choice of Light Meal at M+

Government allows restaurant to resume dinnertime dine-in services from 21 April. M+ Museum also announced to reopen on 21 April. Remember to try the two new restaurants at M+ we introduced earlier, Mosu Hong Kong and ADD+.
The art park outside the M+ Museum attracts a lot of people to picnic or walk the dog on weekend. Now ADD+‘s Grab & Go takeaway area commenced operation. If you want to go to the art park for a picnic, you can buy some light food at ADD+ and enjoy your weekend at West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade.

Apr, 2022

An Art Brand with Monochrome Presentation - Monmono

If you pass by Hillwood Road in Tsim Sha Tsui, you will find one eye-catching royal blue shop. That’s a new restaurant Monmono.

Monmono is an art project instead of a typical restaurant which merge art, design and dining.
The interior is also dominated by royal blue which enbrace the significance of Monochrome. But a single colour does not mean monotony, as it has a classicism styled with features including plaza, casino, hotel and shopping street, taking customers' experience to the next level.

Apr, 2022

Weekend Schedule - Visit M+ galleries + Enjoy Culinary Culture

Most of the restaurants in M+ are benefit with the location. The brand new restaurant ADD+ also with iconic views of Hong Kong Island. ADD+ representing ALL DAY DINING, serving you breakfast, Lunch, afternoon tea, happy hour and dinner. Anytime you want to have some foods and drinks in M+, you can go to ADD+.
The menu features meals inspired by the global cuisines of Asia. Therefore, ADD+'s kitchen are equipped with Chinese and Western cooking equipment and huge storage space to welcome guests throughout the day, from opening in the morning to late in the evening.

Mar, 2022

Continue The Star Journey - Mosu Hong Kong

We are honoured to accompany Michelin Chef in Michelin journey again!

Mosu Hong Kong is about to open in the Roof Garden on the 3/F of the M+. This is the overseas branch of Mosu, a two-Michelin star restaurant in Seoul.Their Executive Chef Sung Anh won the first Michelin star in Mosu San Francisco in 2015. Then in Korea, 2017, his restaurant Mosu Seoul won two-Michelin-star.

In 2022, Mose Hong Kong will open in Hong Kong’s most representative museum, it definitely will bring a more innovative dining experience to customers. Chef Anh will retain some signature dishes of Mose Seoul, but he hopes to create more unique dishes of Hong Kong. Especially seafood, which can express the style of Mosu Hong Kong.

We look forward to the development of Mosu. Hope it will continue the success path to reach a new level.

Mar, 2022

Michelin chef’s creative World - Clarence

This year, we collaborated with Michelin-starred chef Olivier Elzer again to create a kitchen for his new French restaurant!

Olivier Elzer, who has achieved 23 Michelin stars. He wants to create a unique dining experience in this new French restaurant that combines Asian fashion and his innovation to enhance the flavor of traditional French cuisine. Therefore, the kitchen has custom-made Japanese Charcoal Grill, Teppanyaki and even a Chinese steam cabinets! It is rare to see that French restaurants need Chinese steam cabinets. This is what Olivier wants to bring to customers, steamed French flounder and stingray.
And a variety of classic French dishes such as duck confit, frog legs, snails, Provence chowder, etc. are cooked in Japanese Yakiniku, we called it "Yakifrenchy" concept food.

Clarence is set to open on 14th March, located on the 25th floor of H Code, Central. You can overlook Central’s coolest destination near Tai Kwun.

Jan, 2022

Snow Aged Beef - BIFTECK

Opening in Wan Chai, Bifteck is a sister restaurant of Causeway Bay's Le Reve, offers French and Japanese cuisine. Also, Bifteck styles itself as a place for steak lovers. Interior has 3,300-square-foot space and designed in industrial style. The dry-aging cabinet placed on the wall and displays high-quality beef, which really highlights the restaurant's theme of providing high-end meat.

Headlining Bifteck's menu is the Japanese A5 snow-aged wagyu beef! It uses traditional technique from the mountainous region of Niigatathe, yukimuro, to snow-aging beef. Meat at the high humidity environment, the surface can retain more than 90% of the moisture and at the same time it has an excellent flavor!

Dec, 2021

A Brand New Fine Dining Restaurant at CWB - amis

In French, ami means friend. The brand new restaurant in Universal House, Causeway Bay named amis, as the name suggests, it is a place for friends gathering. The in-store dining environment is comfortable, with high-quality ingredients from around the world. Let’s start an amis dinning journey!

One of their main dishes is made with Boston lobster, and the top 'Special A' grade Japanese “Yumepirika Rice" is soaked in the lobster soup. Every bite of it is wonderful.

Currently amis is soft opening, if you are interested, please make a reservation.

Dec, 2021

A place for chill out in Mongkok - Subtle island

Does anyone like to sit in an outdoor seat in a restaurant? It is a great idea to relax when you watching street night views in a quiet and chill place, especially in a busy city.

A project we recently completed in Mongkok, Subtle island. It has an outdoor seating area of 1800ft, and the interior design is also very attractive. Different themes are designd for people to take photos.
One of the special designs is the corner beach. When you sit on the beach and drink in sunset, you will feel you are on vacation. Another special design, a small wishing pool, is very suitable for people sitting around and enjoy drinks together!

Dec, 2021

A Community Of Central - Town 93 Cafe

When you visit Town 93 Café, you may have a question. Why the name Town 93? In fact, it has deep meaning!

“93” is an official administrative number of a French department, Seine-Saint-Denis, and is where the executive chef Frederic Despres grows up. Frederic remembers that the public security was not good in 93. Therefore, he wants to create a friendly Environment.

Town 93 Café is the first café opened by Frederic and his partner in Hong Kong. They hope to provide people a space like a community to gather and enjoy coffee and good food.

Nov, 2021

A Place With Entertainment.Food.Wellness - Carbon

H Code located in the heart of Soho, is the new dining and entertainment landmark in Hong Kong.

Carbon, which describes itself as ‘Hong Kong’s latest lifestyle concept' debuts on the 26th floor of H Code!
Based on an urban design with natural elements, comfortable dinning area, healthy dishes and enthusiastic live band show.
Carbon is a space holds different concept of culture and innovations. The founder hopes to develop Carbon into a community that connect people. Carbon will be the place to turn dreams into reality!

Nov, 2021

Joy of Living - The Mussels

K11 Musea has a new restaurant!
It’s name “The Mussels” is also a name of seafood.
The interior design is inspired by traditional Parisian sidewalk cafés.
The Mussels serves fresh French Blue Mussels and a European cuisine.
You can choose an outdoor sitting to enjoy the Victoria Harbour.
The relaxed seaside wine and dine experience will take you into the romantic Paris!

Sep, 2021

Mediterranean Cuisine, The Hunter

The Hunter is a newly restaurant serving mediterranean cuisine in Alto Residences, Tseung Kwan O. The interior design is full of mediterranean style, and the dining area and kitchen are separated by glass. You are able to see the inside glass cabinet which is hanging full of meat. Those meat are one of the signature of The Hunter, dry-aged beef.

Dry aging is a process where steaks are hung or put on racks in a temperature- and humidity-controlled room for 21 to 120 days in order to tenderize the meat and make it more flavorful. The Hunter choose Precision Meat Ageing Refrigerator for their meat ageing needs. Temperature can be accurately set from +1/4ºC with humidity between 70-90% - without the need for a water supply.

In addition, The Hunter choose Josper Charcoal Oven to grill steak and seafood. The textures from grill are special, outer crispiness and inner tenderness. Definitely a must-try for The Hunter!

Sep, 2021

Four Seasons Hotel Argo and Gallery

Four Seasons Hong Kong presents renovations with the launch of Argo and CAFÉ Gallery in July, it attracted many people checked in there.

The Bar Argo serves breakfast and lunch buffet at day time. In the evening, it is a cocktail bar driven by innovation and shaped by the modern world. In the centre of lobby is CAFÉ Gallery, offers comfort food with an Asian flair and a bespoke coffee and tea program.

Pacific Foodservice Equipment is the catering equipment supplier of Argo and Gallery.
We know all of you want to know more about 5 Stars kitchen. We will keep sharing our projects in the future. Remember to follow us!

Jul, 2021

Ami @ Alexandra House

French restaurants Ami is about to open at Alexandra House soon. The Executive Chef is Nicolas Boutin, from Poitiers France. He honed his craft at top Michelin-starred French restaurants in France about 10 years.
Pacific Foodservice Equipment is honored to supply kitchen design and equipment for Ami ! We wish to enjoy chef Boutin’s cuisine very soon!

Jan, 2021

Project Highlights - 2020 Michelin Restaurants in HK

The MICHELIN is an international rating, which aims at discovering the best restaurants and talents all around the world. Now Hong Kong has 12 restaurants with two stars and 50 with one star, and we are very excited to know that 9 of our customers to receive this award in 2020. Thank you for choosing PFEC as your kitchen partner, we will keep fine-tuning our equipment and service to maintain the market competitiveness.



Jun, 2020

The American Club HK - The Country Club Renovation

Thanks American Club HK for choosing us as the kitchen contractor for the renovation project - "Southside Pool & Grill" Kiosk's renovation, for around 1300sq ft. 
In order to run the project smoothly, we put much effort since the preliminary stage, from site checking, production, installation to testing & commissioning. Our team monitored every details to make sure everything was on schedule. We are glad that the client was very satisfied with our professional service and high-quality products.

Sep, 2019

Avobar at K11 Musea

London s popular avocado-themed restaurant Avobar brought a new cuisine experience to Hong Kong people. Enjoy fancy natural avocado dishes in a natural-style decorated area. Many of our agent brands have been appreciated by the customer. BOSS, Dipo, Fukushima, Giorik, NTF, and Mikawa are all used in Avobar's kitchen.

Sep, 2019

Velo Italian Bar & Grill at K11 Musea

VELO, in Italian, means hidden and implicit. VELO is like a hidden treasure land where food, art and experience collide.
In addition to à la carte Italian cuisine, VELO also offers a semi-buffet for lunch, presenting a luxurious feast of authentic Italian cuisine!
VELO bought our Fukushima refrigerator in large quantities to give the best guarantee for fresh ingredients.

Sep, 2019

Wolfgang Puck Kitchen at HK Airport

We are honored to supply kitchen design and equipment for Wolfgang Puck Kitchen!
This is a q
uality and warm full-service restaurant with bar that provides Chef Wolfgang's distinctly unique food and beverage. If you want to escape from the busy terminal pace, here maybe your best choice!

Nov, 2018

Dear Lily at Central IFC Mall

We offer kitchen design and equipment for the romantic western restaurant, Dear Lily. It was designed by the famous interior designer Ashley Sutton. The interior is decorated with lots of flowers, inspired by the boulevards of Paris.

Oct, 2018

Maze Grill at Ocean Terminal

We are glad to design and supply the kitchen and related equipments for Gordon Ramsay's new restaurant — Maze Grill.


Jul, 2018

Sugar (Bar.Deck.Lounge) at East Hong Kong

Another 4 star hotel project for us this time. SUGAR(Bar.Deck.Lounge), the rooftop bar has open-air seating with wonderful 180° Harbour view. Thank SUGAR for chosing our kitchen design and equipments.


Feb, 2018

Hotel Cozi Wetland at Yuen Long

Thanks to client support and trust, we completed another hotel project called Hotel Cozi Wetland in Yuen Long. 


Jan, 2018

Yojimbo in Central

Let's find Yojimbo, the Japan-inspired underground bars at 37 Pottinger Street. We supply kitchen design and equipments.


Dec, 2017

Blue Supreme Beer Purveyors at Sheung Wan

A brand new restaurant and bar which mainly focus on live and bottle conditioned beer nestled on the quiet upper lascar row, Sheung Wan. So excited this is our first time completed a project about draft beer.

Dec, 2017

Broadway Cinematheque at Shenzhen

After completed the project of Broadway Cinema HK, another project at Shenzhen, Broadway Cinematheque was opened at the end of Nov 2017. Supply all kitchen equipment for their coffee shop inside the cinema.

Jul, 2017

Hotel Ease at Tsuen Wan

We did a project at Tsuen Wan Hotel Ease. Using all of our distributed equipment in their open kitchen such as Fukushima, Giorik, Dipo Induction...etc.

Mar, 2017

BLT Steak at Ocean Terminal

BLT Steak restaurant at Ocean Terminal just opened after revamped. They invited a Michelin chef, Laurent Tourondel, come to Hong Kong to present his signature menu during the reopening party!

Feb, 2017

TATE Dining Room & Bar at Hollywood Road

TATE Dining Room & Bar, which serve an eclectic mix of French and Asian Cuisine with nice decoration was relocated at Sheung Wan in Feb. Thank you for choosing PFEC as your working partner.


Dec, 2016

Eric Kayser at Sheung Wan

Another new client, A French Artisan Baker Eric Kayser is now open at Sheung Wan Wing Lok Street!

Thank you for choosing our service and equipment : )

Dec, 2016

BIZOU American Brasserie at Pacific Place

Another new restaurant from our loyal customer just opened at Pacific Place!

Thanks for choosing Giorik's Gas Burners and Steambox combi oven in their kitchen.

Sep, 2016

The Iron Fairies Hong Kong By Ashley Sutton

Following the recent arrivals of Ophelia and J.Boroski, designer extraordinaire Ashley Sutton has opened his third, The Iron Fairies, which inspired by Sutton’s experiences in iron ore mines in Western Australia. 

Sep, 2016

Italian Tomato Pizzeria at Whampoa

Supplied a very nice and professional in-store pizza baking oven for Italian Tomato Pizzera!

Sep, 2016

Le Pain Quotidien at Pacific Place

The 2nd Le Pain Quotidien  just opened at Pacific Place in September!

Thank you for  the support and trust of customers, choose us as their partner again in this project.

Sep, 2016

J. Boroski at Central

J. Boroski, a bespoke cocktail bar, all duo-toned leather and wood panel, with a curved ceiling and secret banquettes ensconced behind beaded curtains.

Jul, 2016

Alto Bar & Grill at CWB

Congratulations ! A brand new restaurant with wonderful view, ALTO Bar & Grill at CWB was opened in Jul. 
Thanks for Dining Concepts continuous support and using Giorik & Fukushima's product.


Jul, 2016

Guschlbauer at Wan Chai

Congratulations! The 2nd branch of Guschlbauer was grand opened at Wan Chai last week. Really appreciate this client keep choosing our service and equipment, especially Giorik Magnifico Oven and Royal Classic showcase.

May, 2016

Stickhouse@Times Square

Congratulations! Another Stickhouse at Times Square was grand opened!! Really appreciate chose our custom made showcase in their 2nd shop. 

May, 2016

Ashley Sutton’s first bar in Hong Kong - Ophelia

Ophelia, which located in Wan Chai Lee Tung Avenue, is set to bring a bit of sophistication back to Wan Chai's nightlife. Both kitchen and bar area are designed by us and using ours kitchen equipment, especially Fukushima's refrigerators. 

Apr, 2016

Le Pain Quotidien@Wan Chai

The first bakery & restaurant with European decoration called "Le Pain Quotidien" opened in Lee Tung Street, Wan Chai. Many thanks for choosing our service and looking forward to the next LPQ in HK : )

Mar, 2016

Passion by Gerard Dubois at Wan Chai

Another Passion Bakery Cafe was opened at Avenue Walk, Wan Chai! Thank you again for our loyal customer keep trusting us and using our Giorik Unika 700 cooking equipment : ) 

Dec, 2015

7-Eleven Daily Cafe@Lippo Centre, Admiralty

7-Eleven flagship shop Daily Café in Lippo Centre, Admiralty grand debut! Using our Fukushima refrigerators from Japan and a series of Giorik ovens and other cooking equipment from Italy, its open kitchen embodies a change in the traditional style of convenience stores and provides customers with non-ordinary convenience food.

Dec, 2015

New Urban Park in Central

Congratulations! A new Urban Park was opened in Central! Thanks for their support, keep on using ours Fukushima's Chiller and Freezer and Giorik's oven and cooking equipment.

Nov, 2015


We are excited to announce the opening of Le Bistro Winebeast at Thomson Road! Thanks for choosing our company on kitchen equipment supplyagain and using all Fukushima refrigerators and Giorik cooking equipment in their restaurant.


Nov, 2015


A hot new place in Aberdeen street (right across PMQ) named Bindaas Bar & Kitchen grand opened!All Fukushima worktop refrigerators and Giorik Kampatto combi oven were supplied by us on this project.

Nov, 2015


Passion Bakery Cafe at Langham Place, Mongkok is now opened! Thank you for our loyal customer keep trusting us and using our Fukushima refrigerators and Giorik Unika 700 cooking equipment : ) 

Oct, 2015


We have just finished a new project with Gaia Group at Times Square! Greenhouse, the latest innovation of the “House” series takes its debut at Time Square, Causeway Bay in October. It is a “House” for gathering with friends, satisfying their sweet tooth with an extensive list of desserts available.

In this project, our company has been responsible for the kitchen design and construction. Through the open kitchen, youcould see lots of our kitchen equipment, such as all Fukushima refrigerators, Giorik combi oven and two horizontal cooking lines of UNKIA series, pizza oven and even cake display showcase etc.

Sep, 2015


Gordon Ramsay, the world’s leading British chef, restaurateurs and television celebrity,has opened his British style restaurant and bar, London House in Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui East!

Sep, 2015


Congratulations! GrassRoots Pantry, a boutique café dedicated to serving wholesome and nutritious homemade world-inspired dishes was moved to Hollywood Road in Sep!!

Thanks for their trust on our company, using Fukushima refrigerators and Giorik UNIKA series in their new kitchen!


Jul, 2015

Da Via @ Wan Chai

Thanks for Da Via, a new italian restaurant in Wan Chai, chose our company to design and build their restaurant's kitchen. Using our recommanded brands, such as Giork's oven and Moudlar Cooking, By the glass wine dispenser, Fukushima FE water machine and refrigerators in theirkitchen and bar.

May, 2015


"The Masion Es" in Wan Chai  was grand opened in May. They chosen Fukushima refrigerators and Giorik's Oven, which was provided by Pacific Foodservice Equipment Co., Ltd.

Dec, 2014


Welcome first Moomin Cafe in Hong Kong



Nov, 2014


Gaucho - The Finest Argentine Steaks - Restaurants 



Sep, 2014


We are proud to be the kitchen contractor for Bread Street Kitchen in Hong Kong.