Jan, 2022

Dyson Airblade™ 9KJ - Case Study

Dyson is a must have brand in your factory, office or washroom renovation project!

SD Electronic Materials (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. installed a total of 10 Dyson Airblade™ 9KJ hand dryers in their washroom renovation project. Some installations are different, they installed inside the mirror cabinet in front of the wash basin instead of install on the wall next to the wash basin. After washing hands, employees can reach forward to dry their hands directly. It can reduce water drop on the ground and keep the ground dry. Of course, the installation plan depends on the space. If the space is limited, you can choose Dyson Airblade™ Wash+Dry.

In addition, SD replaced Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool Formaldehyde in their office, features monitoring air quality any time and purify air.
It heats in winter, cools you in summer, and the oscillates up to 350 ̊. In summer, using it with air conditioner helps to deliver cold air around the whole room, which can help electricity saving.

Every renovation is for longer-term saving!
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Oct, 2021

Dyson Airblade™ hand dryers

We are one of the distributor of Dyson Airblade in Hong Kong. Recently we have received many orders and completed many installations. Thanks to all customers for their support!

Airblade Features
Dry hands quickly, 20 seconds dry time
Low cost, 5 years limited warranty 
HEPA filter, capture up to 99.95% of particles, including bacteria and viruses

The new Italian restaurant Venédia in Central has installed Dyson Airblade V in their toilets. Dyson Airblade V has a slim body which is designed for compact spaces.

Another reference from the Bakehouse factory. They chose Dyson Airblade wash+dry(Photo 5) and installed them at the entrance to ensure that all employees wash their hands before entering the factory. Dyson Airblade wash+dry is designed to wash and dry your hands at the sink to avoid water dripping on the floor.

Dyson Airblade™ hand dryers can make bigger saving in paper towels and reduce CO2 emissions. It is the best choice for saving and environmental protection!