Feb, 2022

Yakiniku.Shabu Shabu - Gyumai

The weather is cold recently, what do you want to eat? Yakiniku or Shabu Shabu? Only children will make choices, we should have all of them!!!
"Gyumai”, recently opened in Kwun Tong, serving Yakiniku and Shabu Shabu. It is the first store to introduce Australia Lotte L'GROW Wagyu and Satsuma beef from Kagoshima’s own farm. 
This type of store - all you can eat is so popular not only because they serve Wagyu but also because they have a lot of food options.
Although "Gyumai" is buffet style, their kitchen is divided into open kitchen and internal kitchen. There are many refrigerators inside and outside to store ingredients. The open kitchen is mainly for meat, while the inner kitchen is for handling hot food and pots of soup. This division not only properly separates the raw and cooked areas, but also provides more operating space for employees!

Feb, 2022

Authentic ‘Yakiniku’ Experience - Gyu-Kaku

Gyu-Kaku is located over the territory, bringing you authentic ‘Yakiniku’ (Japanese BBQ) experience. Their buffet branches attract many customers wait at the door during dinner time. Pork, premium beef, high-end Australian and Japanese Wagyu beef are unlimited supply every day♾️ In addition, they offer hundreds items including seafood, vegetables and desserts.

All food need to be stored in high-quality refrigerators. Gyu-Kaku’s Fukushima Galilei refrigerators and open refrigerator showcase for salads and desserts are all provided by us. We guarantee to provided customers with high quality equipment and good service!

Nov, 2021

Saryo Kyoto Niomon

Kyoto Niomon of Japan opened a new Chashitsu(tea room) in Hong Kong, offering pancakes, cakes and udon noodles. The pancakes they serve are made-to-order and use Japanese ingredients. The taste of pancakes is smooth and rich. Also they present the food full of Japanese style, which will make you will feel like being in Japan!

Saryo Kyoto Niomon uses our equipment, the showcase for storing chiffon and the refrigerator. If you want to know more, please contact us for details.

Oct, 2021

YoiYoi Izakaya

Izakaya is a traditional Japanese drinking tavern that serves alcoholic drinks and snacks. If you want to find a traditional Izakaya in Hong Kong, you must try the new restaurant YoiYoi in Nathan Hill, TST. Their restaurant name already tells you their signature dish, charcoal grill food.

YoiYoi uses Japanese charcoal to grill food to make it more delicious and juicy.

There are not many seats in YoiYoi, but they designed the seats around the U-shaped open kitchen counter so that customers can have more interaction with the chef. And they offer over 100 kinds of sake. It's definitely a must-try Izakaya for your next casual night out!

Sep, 2021

Kushiro 釧 │ Omakase @ The Peninsula Hong Kong

A new Japanese restaurant which is held by Michelin-starred Chef opened in the Peninsula last week!

Kushiro offers Omakase set meal, a type of meal consisting of dishes selected by the chef. The Chef must ensure the quality of food suppliers, also need a good environment for storing food.

Kushiro is using traditional  Japanese wooden ice house to store food. It’s amazing to see traditional Japanese woodwork in Hong Kong.
How does the ice house work? It’s not electric, just put a brick of ice on the top inside the ice house, and then keep the food under the ice. The cold air from ice will keep food fresh. This traditional mathod will reduce water loss of food.

The artisan who made this ice house is a 80-year-old Japanese man. We don't have his any contact. But luckily, we finally got in touch with him through a Japanese sushi restaurant indoor construction company!

The wooden ice house is setting behind the sushi bar which is perfect match with the kitchen design. Next time when you visit Kushiro, don't miss it!

Jan, 2021

Project Highlights - 2020 Michelin Restaurants in HK

The MICHELIN is an international rating, which aims at discovering the best restaurants and talents all around the world. Now Hong Kong has 12 restaurants with two stars and 50 with one star, and we are very excited to know that 9 of our customers received this award in 2020.

Thank you for choosing PFEC as your kitchen partner, we will keep fine-tuning our equipment and service to maintain the market competitiveness.



Sep, 2019

Mu-ni By LaBombance at IFC

We are glad to supply kitchen design and equipment for Mu-ni By LaBombance!
Mu-ni aims to bring a one-of-a-kind Japanese dining experience to Hong Kong as its name meaning “the one and only”. The restaurent is supervised by Fujimoto kenichi, the Chef of Hong Kong Michelin Two Star Sushi Restaurant Sushi Saito. High quality ingredients are strictly selected from different regions and combined with the new style and traditional style to create excellent cuisines.

Sep, 2019

IE Sushi and Teppanyaki at K11 Musea

い え (家) is a high-end restaurant specializing in teppanyaki and sushi. It has a sushi bar with the theme of the Japanese royal family crest "Yajuku". The Customer bought our Fukushima refrigerators and Giorik steam ovens!

Sep, 2019

Tominokoji Yamagishi at K11 Musea

We are honored to supply kitchen design and equipment for Tominokoji Yamagishi.

Tominokoji Yamagishi is the first overseas branch of the much talk and praise Michelin 1 Star Omakase Restaurant in Kyoto, preserves traditional Japanese course meal. It only servers 11-course dinner services by using fresh and seasonal ingredients. Uni Hand Roll is the signature dish.

Aug, 2019

Kaiyo at K11 Musea

Kaiyo means "Ocean" and offers over 100 izakaya dishes.

Our Fukushima refrigerators are popular with Japanese restaurants, and Kaiyo is one of our customers.

Oct, 2018

Yakiniku Jumbo 焼肉ジャンボ at Central Man Yee Building

Yakiniku Jumbo is in Hong Kong! It is recognized as the second originator of yakitori in Japan! Thank you for the trust of client, we consult and supply the kitchen equipments for the first shop of Yakiniku Jumbo.

Jun, 2018

Maruju Sushi Japanese Shokudo at Langham Place

We supply the kitchen design and equipments for Maruju Sushi Japanese Shokudo, which is the first restaurant to process “In-Shop Rice Milling” in Hong Kong. They chose our Fukushima fridges, Giorik ovens etc.




Mar, 2018

Sushi Saito at the 45/F of Four Seasons Hotel

Three-Michelin-starred Sushi Saito — the world’s most sought-after sushi sensation is opened on the top floor of prestigious Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong. Thanks for placing their trust and confidence in our kitchen design and equipments such as Fukushima fridges and Giorik ovens.

Mar, 2018

Sakana No Aji at Central

A new project provided design and build service for our client. Sakana no Aji, a new Japanese Cuisine restaurant in Central, deliver the finest seasonal ingredients to customers. 

Dec, 2017

The Yuu at Wan Chai

Thank you for choosing us and Fukushima's refrigerators in The Yuu Japanese Restaurant. 



Nov, 2017

Oreryu Shio Ramen at Tai Po

A traditional Japanese ramen shop opened at Tai Po in Nov.



Sep, 2017

New Japanese Restaurant at Tuen Mun

A new Japanese restaurant called 九重町 recent opened at Tuen Mun, using fukushima refrigerators.

Jun, 2017


Inakaya sits high above Hong Kong on the 101st floor of the International Commerce Centre (ICC). The restaurant lobby boasts an autumn harvest scene, exuding warmth and comfort. Just past the wine library is a chic bar with a mirror that reflects a spectacular view of the city.

Jan, 2017

鵬 at Causeway Bay Vpoint

After completed the project of La bombance and Alto, we did another two Japanese restaurant at Vpoint!


Jan, 2017

博多本家 at Causeway Bay Vpoint

After completed the project of La bombance and Alto, we did another two Japanese restaurant at Vpoint!

Dec, 2016

Goshaku at TST

A new sake restaurant and bar located in Tsim Sha Tsui. Thank you for using all Fukushima bottle cooler to keep their sake.

Sep, 2016

Fujiyama Mama at The Peak

We provide kitchen design service and supply kitchen equipment for this restaurant, such as Giorik’s equipment & Fukushima’s refrigerators...

Jun, 2016

New Tokichi Tea Room at TST

A famous Japanese dessert cafe opened this afternoon! Congratulation and appreciate keep using Fukushima refrigerators in both shops at TST Miramar Shopping Centre!

Jun, 2016

Michelin 1-star restaurant -- La Bombance

La Bombance grand opened in June! 

Oct, 2015


This Japanese restaurant in Tin Hau is opened at the end of October. Surface is a toy house, actually is a robatayaki restaurant. The boss is madly in love with Japanese anime culture and specifically collected all kinds of figures, toys and posters to overwhelmingly decorate in-store display.For the kitchen design, there is an open robatayaki grill placed in the middle of restaurant, allyingwith Fukushima worktop refrigerator which is very durable, practical and artistic.

Jun, 2015


A new Japanese restaurant "Shoku" at Repluse Bay - The Pluse grand opened last Wed. We appreciated that they appointed us, Pacific Foodservice Equipment Co., Ltd. as a consultant on their kitchen design and build, and used Fukushima's refrigerator in their open kitchen.